Lima Mora

Virtual Reality Expert

Diversity of Expereince

Lima is a Mixed Reality Expert specializing in Cinematic Virtual Reality Experience Design and Stereoscopy with a focus on Immersive Educational Content and Concept Development and 360 Solutions. She is also an experienced Project Manager with an extensive background in strategic planning and working in education reform and community outreach. Among her capabilities are a deep understanding of augmented reality and virtual reality hardware, software and digital innovation.
Lima also specializes in raising public awareness of technology through public speaking and teaching Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality courses and workshops. As an entrepreneur, Lima is the Founder and President of The Last Star; a Corrections Education and Behavioral Counselling organization with the mission of cutting down the incarceration rate within North America. This is possible by offering “A Second Chance,” an Alternative Sentence Reduction and Rehabilitation program customized to meet the personal needs of each offender. State of the art technology allows for the coordination and tracking of progress at low cost in a secure environment where the rate of recidivism can effectively be reduced. 

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