Jonathan Ross

Acting COO

Diversity of Expereince

 Serving as the acting COO of Helvetia Holdings Group and principal business strategist, Jonathan is an award-winning writer and management and communications consultant who has previously worked with several high-profile individuals in Media & Entertainment and technology. He is currently serving as a strategic development and marketing communications executive for The Marvin Group, a vertically-integrated, privately-held defense products manufacturer (aviation stores carriage and release solutions, armament test solutions, power and thermal management solutions for ground and maritime platforms, and light tactical vehicle design) which is one of the largest such privately held businesses in the United States.

Giselle, Sasha, and Jonathan are absolutely straight shooters. I walked into their office with just an Idea and 12 months later we are completing deals with some major Movie Industry companies. As an actor, I had not much knowledge about Tech business but after spending time with them and using their approach I am negotiating deals on my own.
Dylan Mooney
CEO , Actor Trade, LLC