Thai Food & BBQ Restaurant- $90,000

November 5, 2020

This Thai BBQ Restaurant has been opened for OVER 15 YEARS!!!

This restaurant is widely talked about and you can always see lines of people during lunch since demand is very high for their food! You know their food is great when all the seats are consistently taken, and people are still waiting to get a table since the restaurant is constantly full during lunch and dinner hours.

Truly a unique restaurant where several celebrities, business professionals, artists, medical workers, police members, firemen, city members, and community leaders frequently dine here and it’s the talk of the town for restaurants to eat at! It’s really remarkable.

The owner believes in maintaining a super friendly environment for their customers with top notch service, and a hygienic restaurant.

This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY you won’t want to miss!

~~~~***Benefits Include***~~~~

  • – Great Rent Price: only $3,400/month!
  • – Seats over 36 customers in the restaurant! Very roomy!
  • – Parking is VERY PLENTIFUL! Located in a huge parking complex!
  • – Sanitary Restrooms

Customers are always amazed and very pleased with how the restrooms are always kept to very high sanitary standards. When you combine great food, a friendly experience, and hygienic conditions, customers are always guaranteed to be satisfied and come back to eat more! It just creates positive word of mouth among the community.